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I was born in the State of Utah on June 18, 1940 of Mormon Pioneer stock and my family were all musical.. I grew up in a musical environment as my mother & father and a few uncles formed a Swing band to play for church & school social functions as well as a few Elks and Moose clubs and the local Country Club in Price, Utah. We would also cross over into Colorado and New Mexico to play for farmers and Indians.

I joined the band at the age of 12 playing clarinet and saxophone, mainly to save my parents from paying baby-sitter money! The band, known as the Jewkes Orchestra, was a favorite in a country that was basically known for cowboy and country western music. People liked to dance to us because we had a good beat.

I later went to college and studied privately, and as I grew older, I felt that I had to come to California in order to grow musically, and I've been here ever since! I sometimes miss the simpler ways of Utah, and perhaps I shall return there someday and teach or just grow old.

But, in the meantime, I do enjoy the multi-faceted lifestyle of California and the wealth of musical talent in this area, and so I'll stay as long as I can hold out and continue to seek new avenues of expression in my favorite music: JAZZ!

- Noel Jewkes




Noel and his daughter, Tora Smart (aka Serena Jewkes)

Noel and grandson, Eli Smart


His radiant daughter, Tora Smart (aka Serena Jewkes), is a Jazz singer/songwriter and has recently released a Jazz record that she recorded with her father Noel called The Carriage House Sessions. She and her family moved from California to beautiful Kauai in 2005 and they have been soaking up sunshine ever since. There isn't a day that the Smart household isn't filled with music and magic.

Eli, Noel’s grandson, is also incredibly musically talented and he too has recently released his first solo record entitled Victim Of My Nature. Eli is now attending the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in Liverpool, UK and enjoying being out in the big wide world of music. Find out more about Eli & his music here:


Noel, Tora & Eli reunite in San Francisco | September 2018